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All applications for subsidized care at Catholic Charities Treasure Island Child Development Center are handled by the Office of Early Care and Education through their Early Learning Scholarship (ELS), a web-based system that gives access to families seeking subsidized childcare through a single application. The website includes participating infant-toddler, preschool, and after-school programs and serves families with children ages 0 to 13 years.

Benefits of ELS

  1. Families can enroll at a single location and can gain access to multiple childcare programs.
  2. Families can expand their opportunities to obtain subsidized childcare.
  3. Participating childcare programs can use the ELS to find the most eligible children to fill their vacancies.

How to Apply
Apply Online at

Apply by phone at (415) 343-3300 or (415) 391-4956

You can return the completed SF3C application by mail or in person to:

Children’s Council of San Francisco
445 Church Street (@16th Street)
San Francisco, CA 94114


Wu Yee Children’s Services
888 Clay Street, Lower Level (@Stockton Street) San Francisco, CA 94108

Information Required

If your child currently has an open Child Protective Services (CPS) case, you must provide a letter from the county welfare department or the San Francisco Human Services Agency (HSA) case manager on HSA letterhead.

If your child has an At-Risk referral, you must have a letter from a legally qualified professional.

If your child has exceptional needs, you must provide a copy of the child’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan).

Gross (before taxes) monthly income will be verified at the time of potential enrollment*.

*Application for the Early Learning Scholarship does not guarantee subsidized child care services. Enrollment is based on the availability of spaces, selection by the child care program, current and accurate family information, and timely response by the family who is notified of an opening. Your eligibility is based on the income you provided when you first applied for services. If your income has increased since you last updated it, you may not be eligible for a program.

If Your Information Changes
It is not necessary to fill out another application. Please call us immediately or log in to to make any changes to your record (especially for family size, family income, address, telephone number, etc.).

Commonly Asked Questions

What is subsidized child care?
Subsidized child care is financial assistance to income-eligible families to cover some or all of their childcare costs, depending on their need. has replaced the SF3C database and is a county-wide list of income-eligible families with children 0-13 years who are seeking subsidized child care.

How can ELS help me?
With ELS, you can easily gain access to many subsidized child care programs through one application. ELS saves you the time of applying at each agency individually and improves your chances of obtaining subsidized child care at the locations of your choice.

Is ELS a waiting list?
No, ELS is an eligibility list that finds out which children should be served first based on factors such as family income, family size, etc. when subsidized child care spaces become available. Children and families are not selected on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I find out my family’s place on the list?
No, your place on the list is determined by factors such as family income and family size and is not related to how long you have waited for a child care opening.

Who is eligible for ELS?
Families with children under 13 years old must meet the following requirements:

  • Families must be income-eligible. Your gross (before taxes) monthly family income must be at or below the amount listed for your family size.
  • Eligibility is based on the income you provide when you first apply for services. If you do not update your record when your information changes you may no longer be eligible for a program.

For more information regarding eligibility, visit

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