One Shot. One Goal. One Community.

June 4, 2022

Why Futbol con Corazón? 

When we asked our unaccompanied minors living in the Bay Area what they needed to feel whole, their answer was surprisingly simple and powerful:  “Can we play soccer one day?” Futbol con Corazón was born. 

Now in its Sixth year, Futbol con Corazón is a highly anticipated, daylong community celebration. Friends, coworkers, and/or family members join our enthusiastic, soccer-loving, unaccompanied minors to create soccer teams and compete on the field for a day. Our kids have played with the San Mateo Sheriff, Redwood City Police and Fire Departments, San Mateo County and Santa Clara County city officialsTelemundo and Univision reporters and anchors, and employees from companies like boxGoogle, Walmart, and many others. See coverage of 2019's event on ABC7

Want to volunteer? 
Join us as a volunteer, make a gift, or both, to make this day unforgettable for these amazing kids and help us continue supporting them in their adjustment to life in our community. To volunteer please submit this form.  If you have any questions email

Do you know that unaccompanied minors are:

  • Seeking escape from persecution, abandonment, exploitation, serious deprivation, and violence in their communities. They also may be the victim of human trafficking.
  • Alone. Separated from family or orphaned.
  • From all over the world; with the majority from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico.
  • Only represented by counsel in court 32% of the time.
  • Confronted with a low 15% success rate when unrepresented in court. With representation, the success rate rises to 73%.

Support an afternoon of soccer, revelry, fun, and inspiration for resilient unaccompanied minors ready to play with passion!

Email to learn more. 

Make a gift below. $2,600 covers the legal and court expenses for an unaccompanied minor to stay in the US.  Your gift of any amount will go a long way.

Thank you to our Elite sponsor, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and the generous organizations below who have already committed to joining us!

  • - Alro Custom Drapery Installation
  • - Box
  • - California Highway Patrol
  • - Dome Construction
  • - Isabel Allende Foundation
  • - Law Offices of Jonathan Dunten
  • - Mr. Miguel Jaime
  • - Mr. Saade Barbar
  • - Ms. Julie Keshmiry
  • - Ms. Margarita Parra Cobaleda
  • - Redwood City Fire Department
  • - Redwood City Police Department
  • - Salesforce
  • - San Carlos Fire Department
  • - San Jose Earthquakes
  • - San Mateo Sheriff’s Office
  • - Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • - Univision

About Catholic Charities Center for Immigration Legal and Support Services services for unaccompanied minor children

Unaccompanied children come from all over the world, but the largest numbers arrive from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico.

Children flee their countries to escape persecution, abandonment, exploitation, serious deprivation, violence in their communities, or to reunite with a caregiver, often after losing one at home. Some are victims of human trafficking. Some are alone, separated from family or orphaned. They all long for safety, care, family, and a place to call home.

These children are now facing adversarial removal proceedings opposed by experienced government attorneys, with only about 32% represented by counsel. It is highly unlikely that an unrepresented child will prevail in immigration court, even if he or she has a bona fide claim for protection. A recent study found that represented children have a 73% success rate in immigration court, as compared to only 15% of unrepresented children.

To respond justly and humanely to the unprecedented spike in the number of children who made the treacherous journey north in the past few years, Catholic Charities began offering free legal immigration services to these children and youth.

We are working to find ways to protect the rights of vulnerable unaccompanied children by supporting their housing, education, mental health, medical, and legal needs within nurturing and safe environments. It is fundamentally important to safeguard their well-being. Undoubtedly, our community will play a fundamental role. It is critical that we welcome these young people and develop opportunities for them to be kids.