2019 Legislative Priorities

Hate Crime Legislation Package- SUPPORT


Budget Request: $15 million for the California Nonprofit Security Grant Program - SUPPORT


AB 1548 (Gabriel): California State Nonprofit Security Grant Program- SUPPORT


AB 300 (Chu): Hate crime and incident reporting – SUPPORT


AB 1052 (Chu): Peace officer training: hate crimes – SUPPORT


The following was sent to our state legislators:                   


On behalf of the Board of Directors, employees and clients of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, I am writing in support of legislation that will address the alarming rise of anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim rhetoric and hate-motivated crime that has been taking place in California in recent years.


We urge your support for AB 300, AB 1052, AB 1548, and a $15 million budget request for the California Nonprofit Security Grant Program.  This hate crime legislation package will:


·        Provide a $15 million budget appropriation to expand the California Nonprofit Security Grant in the California Office of Emergency Services (OES). This grant will allow communities at risk of hate motivated violence to protect their infrastructure.


·        AB 1548 (Gabriel), which is the related legislation to codify this funding.


·        AB 300 (Chu), which will improve accuracy in reporting of hate crimes and incidents.


·        AB 1052 (Chu), which will require peace officers to undergo comprehensive training on hate crimes.


Racism and violence have been a dangerous reality for too long across our nation and in our local communities. Hatred and bigotry are contrary to our values. Catholic Charities believes every person is worthy of dignity, love, and respect.