2019 Legislative Priorities

AB 1382 Master Plan on Aging (Aguiar-Curry) - SUPPORT

AB 1382 Master Plan on Aging (Aguiar-Curry) - SUPPORT

The following was sent to our state legislators: 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, employees and clients of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, I am writing in support of AB 1382 which as part of the Master Plan for Aging, creates a comprehensive strategy for preparing and supporting California’s caregiver workforce. AB 1382 requires that the Master Plan for Aging include an implementation plan specifying objectives, and timelines relative to both the paid workforce and unpaid family caregiver workforce.

California’s current system of long-term care is fragmented and there is no mechanism for accountability or improvement. The Master Plan on Aging will help correct this and would identify and institute important changes. It is critical that California take steps now to restore, and plan for, the array of services needed to keep seniors safely in their own homes and communities, and thus avoid costlier, and undesired, consequences for vulnerable populations.

Seniors and adults with disabilities are vital, vibrant members of our community. At Catholic Charities, we strive to help them live safely and independently with opportunities for companionship, engagement, and life-long learning. The contributions of seniors to the diversity, success, and health of our neighborhoods are foundational. We honor the investment they have made to our communities with energizing, dignified, and compassionate daily destinations where they can access resources and activities depending on the level of care and attention they require to live independently.